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    YPOO,Smart Family Fitness

    YPOO, born in 2010, is a treadmill brand owned by zhejiang yi run health technology co., LTD.Yi run focuses on the full range of treadmill development, production and sales services, and is committed to providing "intelligent fitness solutions" for urban fitness professionals.

    Set up 10 years, positioning in the intelligent home running machine market, adhere to a better user experience as the goal, to product development as the core competitiveness, and the appearance of the products with fashionable design, excellent quality, professional and intelligent human-machine interaction experience and cost-effective market competitive advantage, has been more and more consumers favor and love, become one of treadmill collar pin in the field of brand in China, products are exported to more than 30 countries around the world.

    So far, easy to run has developed into a mature network of e-commerce, offline distribution, overseas trade and other channels, and is striving towards the strategic goal of "e-commerce, branding, internationalization".



    Make Health Easier And Running More Enjoyable



    Smart Family Fitness


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